Monday, December 05, 2011

Accelerated Composting in WebKitGtk+

During the WebKitGkt+ hackfest 2011, I applied Accelerated Compositing to WebKitGtk+ using Clutter so it started working like the webkit-clutter port. Finally, I was able to run the same demo in GtkLauncher as follows:

This is not upstreamed yet, but Imy patches are getting reviewed. Gustavo and Martin are helping me  write more good patches. Thanks!

I think that this hackfest was done well. You can check more news about the WebKitGtk+ hackfest from other blog posts:

I would like to thank my employer Collabora, Igalia and the GNOME Foundation for helping us attend the hackfest. See you at the next hackfest!

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