Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have three computers. One is a power mac, another is a PC and the other is a notebook.
The power Mac is very fast and provides good performance because it has two CPU.
However, PC is very slow. It had been 4 years and 9 month after I bought.
For a long time, I added new equipments including a DVD-RW, a 1394 port and a USB2 port to my PC.
It has been sufficient to use my PC except CPU speed. However, the speed is always critical to use my PC after WindowsXP has been installed.

However, I do not have any plan to upgrade my PC because I already bought the power mac G5, but whenever I browse web sites, the Internet Explorer is mandatory to navigate specific sites that requires the transaction. I cannot but turn on my PC.

I will use the Mac & my PC simultaneously for some time.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Many things around me was changed these days.
I got married so I lived with my wife in my new house.
The office that I work was moved to another city so I come to the office by bus
In addition, I got a new job that was unusual which I had not worked on before.

Actually, these changes sometimes make me confuse.
I am adapting myself to the new circumstances.