Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WebKitGtk+ Hackfest 2011

(C) Mario 

Gustavo and I are attending the WebKitGtk+ hackfest 2011 which is held at the Igalia office in A Coruña, Spain like the last time. This is an annual event for WebKitGtk+ maintainers to work together at the same place.

We made a list of work items on the blackboard as usual on the first day.  You can find these topics in the wiki. My major work item is to apply Accelerated Compositing implementation of the clutter port to WebKitGtk+. If I finish it a bit earlier, I will try to hack my unresolved patches such as IME support in WebKit2Gtk+ and applying Tiled Backing Store to WebKitGtk+.

Happy Hacking!

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