Monday, February 09, 2009


FOSDEM 2009 finished last week. Although I didn't attend FODSEM, I got a feel for what was going through through blogs and photos on Flikr. FODSEM(Free and Open Source Software Developer’s European Meeting) is a largest occasion for free/open source developers in Europe. It is relevant to various open source projects and it can be compared with OSCON(O’Reilly Open Source Convention) held in the US.

The following projects had their own session:

KDE, GNOME, Mozilla,, Fedora+CentOS, OpenSUSE, BSD+PostgreSQL, GNUStep, Jabber, Debian, Ada, Free Java, OpenOffice, Drupal, Ruby & Rails, MySQL, Linux Kernel
In addition, there were other projects sessions such as OpenMoko, Maemo, CMake, Webkit, Xfce, and OLPC.
In particular, there were Mozilla related sessions as follows:

  • Mozilla Europe
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Mozilla and Universities
  • What’s after Firefox 3.1
  • Community Sites Project
  • Building XUL communities
  • SeaMonky
  • Overview of Mozilla QA
  • Oni
  • Rising to the Sun(bird)
  • Thunderbird3
  • Prism
  • Fennec
  • Embedding
  • Mozilla headless back-end
  • Events/EduCamp@FOSDEMa2009

Photo: Teemu Mäntynen( An old woman wears a Firefox t-shirts. it's lovely)
For your information, you can find session videos of FOSDEM. They have not open 2009 videos, you can find session videos of the 2008,2007

I hope to attend FOSDEM next year.

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