Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hildon related bugzilla issues

Fennec1.0 alpha3 preview
426291 -- Add support for Hildon (Maemo) application menu
426292 -- Add support for Hildon (Maemo) filepicker
426293 -- Add support for Hildon (Maemo) banner for alerts
426299 -- Create a theme for Hildon (Maemo) platform [tracking bug]

There are several bugs of Fennec about Hildon integration as you can see the above list, but the Fennec team has not cared about theses bugs, because they seems to strive to implement the UI features and Windows Mobile port for XULRunner. Therefore, the platform specific features still have not been implemented, even for the Maemo platform.

Anyway, Hildon menu integration seems to be simple to implement for me.

Can I try??

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