Monday, November 14, 2016

My major contributions to Chromium project

I have been working on Chromium project since 2013 and fixed many bugs and implemented some features. Here are my major contributions:

Blink Editing
  1. [Issue 226941] Contenteditable issues related to backspace handling
  2. [Issue 318925] Copy and paste sometimes removes spaces between words
  1. [Issue 310149] ContentEditable:   is forced on SPACE between text nodes
  2. [Issue 335955] Unwanted spans inserted in contentEditable elements
  3. [issue 571420] chrome hangs on when creating bullet list in contenteditable
  1. [Issue 634482] Formatting tags converted to spans with styles on cut/paste
  2. [Issue 625802] Unnecessary quote appears after clicking on indent more option in compose box.
  3. [Issue 582225] document.queryCommandState isn't working well with and
  4. [Issue 584939] document.queryCommandState returns true for bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough after selecting image
  5. [Issue 385374] queryCommandState can return true for both list types
  6. [issue 232188] Caret color issue in content editable element

Aura and Wayland support:

  1. [Issue 408481] System dialogs (e.g. 'Save As...') are not modal on Ubuntu
  2. [Issue 473228] Make *::ShowWithWindowState(minimized, maximized, fullscreen) consistent across platforms
  3. Issue 578890 upstream wayland backend for ozone
  4. Issue 50485 Korean Hangul typing issue  

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