Saturday, August 07, 2010

Building Chromium browser on your Mac

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Building your own browser is the best way to find bugs and fix them. Now, I'd like to introduce how to build Chromium on your mac. I think that the latest code seems more stable(?) and provides more features.

This is a starting point to build Chromium on Mac OS X.

Installing the depot-tools

$ svn co

Add depot_tools to your PATH:
$ export PATH=`pwd`/depot_tools:"$PATH"

Getting the code

A checkout straight from the Subversion (SVN) repository can take a long time. It would be good to download a tar ball from

Then, you can update the code to the latest revision from the SVN repository.
$ gclient sync

Building from the command line

To build all targets (it takes a long time due to test case builds)
$ cd ~/chromium/src/build
$ xcodebuild -project all.xcodeproj -configuration Debug -target All

To build just chrome:
$ cd ~/chromium/src/chrome
$ xcodebuild -project chrome.xcodeproj -configuration Debug -target chrome

Running Chromium

Run Chromium debug build
$ cd ~/chromium/src/xcodebuild/Debug
$ open ./

Run Chromium release build
$ cd ~/chromium/src/xcodebuild/Release
$ open ./

The latest revision of Chromium looks cool.

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