Sunday, April 26, 2009

SAMSUNG Windows Mobile SDK 1.0 Released!

SAMSUNG Windows Mobile SDK

Samsung Windows Mobile SDK 1.0 was released!

You can download Samsung Windows Mobile SDK 1.0 from SAMSUNG Mobile Innovator web site, but it needs to be registered for downloading. Of course, it's free.

It consists of API Spec, programming guide, installation guide, header files & library for device APIs, and sample code.

The APIs is used for providing advanced features unique to Samsung phones. You might already have experience using advanced capabilities featured in the Windows Mobile APIs, like GPS, Bluetooth, or multimedia support. In addition to the Microsoft Windows Mobile APIs, you can use Samsung device APIs to access phone features such as the accelerometer, notification LEDs, and haptics feedback.

Fennec team is preparing to support device APIs for Fennec.
Bugzilla Items
Therefore, it would be very helpful to support device APIs exposed to Fennec.

SAMSUNG i780 skin SAMSUNG Omina Skin

In addition, you can download SAMSUNG device emulator skin files from the web site.

The Device Emulator skin archive contains skins for the following phones:
  • SGH-i617 BlackJack II
  • SGH-i907 Epix [and SGH-i780 Mirage] (I own this model)
  • SCH-i760 Robin
  • SCH-i770 Saga
  • SPH-i325 ACE
  • SGH-i900 Omnia [and SCH-i910 Omnia]
Device Emulator skins enable you to change the physical appearance of the Device Emulator in Microsoft Visual Studio. When installed, the Samsung Device Emulator skins will enable you to run the emulator with the appearance of a Samsung phone

Programming Guide of SAMSUNG Windows Mobile SDK


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direct omnia support for fennec??
Hell Yes !

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I believe this sdk would be helpful.

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nice app,,, its really helped full,,, good job,,sony mobiles