Thursday, April 24, 2008

My N810 delivered from the US.

I bought a Nokia N810 from Amazon. Actually, there are not any Internet shopping mall selling N810 in Korea. So I was obliged to buy a N810 from oversea shopping mall.
Anyway, I am very satisfied with N810. It may be my favorite toy.

N810 uses the maemo platform that is based on linux 2.6, GTK+, Matchbox and other open source softwares. Scratchbox is used for its development environment that supports a cross platform development environment. So the user can implement an application without knowing how to use a tool chain for specific target devices.

And many applications can be installed from the repository using debian packaging & repository system.

I think it's true open mobile platform based on Linux. Because Nokia gave their governance of hildon to the GNOME community.

First, I'd like to build XUL Runner and run Fennec (Mozilla Mobile).
It seems to be able to compiled on N810 and Windows Mobile6. So I'll check the status and give a feedback to the community.


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