Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bangalore is a heaven of SW engineers

I have been to Bangalore, India for a while.
I spent busy time so I couldn't write blogs for the time.
As you know, there are so many IT companies in Bangalore. Most of them are from the US, EU. So now, Bangalore is called the silicon valley of India.

Therefore, excellent SW engineers now have come to here from each state of India and even other countries. They are well educated in good universities of technology and use English well .
Indian SW companies also are developed well. They are not only carrying on outsourcing, but also are exporting their solutions such as banking, accounting, ERP. InfoSys, WiPro, and TaTa Consulting are the typical companies.


Actually, many of IT engineers & researchers moved to the US for getting a job in 80s ~early 90s because there was no good jobs for them in India at that time. As a result, some Indians had successful results. The founder of hotmail is a good example. And now, they are leading IT of the US. Microsoft can't do anything without Indian engineers.

They are now returning to India with high technologies & western corporate culture and distribute advanced SW technologies to their country. New engineers are learning and experiencing cutting-edge tchnologies, process, management skill from them.

I think Bangalore is a heaven for SW engineers. There are so many jobs in various areas. So they can find a fovoured job and easy to go to another country to get a more good job if they have enough careers and skills.

So IT areas is the most popular for Indian students and many students want to be a SW engineer.

I think that the future of Indian SW business is very bright. There are enough human resource and good education system. They have experienced various business & technical cases from the foreign companies that advanced in India.

Someday, Indian SW companies will play a more important role in IT revolution of the World.

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