Thursday, October 04, 2007

Firefox3's SVG Demo

I got a presentation on the future of firefox from the web

The slide introduced the coming features of firefox3 such as SVG, canvas3D, Offline and XMLHttpRequest++.

Actually, I am not sure that all features can be added to firefox3 because some features are very experimental. Anyway, I think SVG is very interesting among the new features.

SVG is a standard technology to create vector graphics on the web and even can be embedded in HTML pages

You can see a SVG demo using the foreignobject on the following page.

What is the foreignobject?

The foreignobject can make any HTML tag to embed into SVG. It means that HTML tag can be worked as a primitive of SVG such as line, circle, and rectangle. So you can apply transform effect on HTML tag.

I think that SVG will be able to change a way of rendering the web in future.


stelt said...

More on SVG on

Btw, the banner at the bottom here is outdated

joone said...

Thanks, I updated it as a latest one