Thursday, January 11, 2007

The change of Apple Inc.

Apple had leaded the personal computer market until the beginning of 80s before IBM released the IBM-PC. Apple also created new personal computer, the Macintosh that provides the GUI firstly. It was very innovative.
However, IBM-PC had become the mainstream of the personal computer. IBM opened the architecture of the computer and many computer manufacturers could make compatible IBM-PCs. Microsoft provided a DOS & Windows as an OS for the PCs. It was not innovative and easy to use, but it was cheaper than the Macintosh.

The Macintosh is very popular to designers, students and teachers. But it is insufficient to become a mainstream of personal computer. Apple has still fewer than 10% of the market share of personal computer. Most of PC is now using Microsoft Windows.
Now, it is not important issue, because Apple is not just a computer manufacturer any more. Apple changed their business way now to be an electric consumer company like SONY, SAMSUNG. The success of iPod can make Apple changed.

I am looking foward to activities of Apple from now on.

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