Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the top of CheonwangBong in JiriSan

지리산 천왕봉 정상에서 On the top of CheonwangBong in JiriSan
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I enjoying hiking a mountatin.
There are so many mountains & national parks in Korea.
I think that Mt.JiriSan is the most beautiful mountatin in Korea.
I had hiked Mt.JiriSan serveral times.
As you may know, there are many tops in Mt.Jirisan
You can reach many tops when traverse the mountain ridge of Mt.Jirisan. And You can see beautiful sights from the tops like the above photo. This photo was taken at the top of CheonwangBong that is the most highest top in Mt. Jirisan.
At that time, the season was winter and the weather was very clear as you can see. This was the first time to get the clear sky like this after I had hiked up the CheonwangBong.
Anyway, I recommand that you will hike up Mt. Jirisan if you have free time.


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